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Your Internet presence  is increasingly critical to your company's success.   Your customers and supply chains expect you to have an effective presence on the internet.  Significant lost opportunities result for any business that has a poor web presence in today's markets.  ISM can help you create the right sites to meet the needs of your company.





Are your Websites Current and Effective?  Do you get the hits you are looking for?


Many organizations are faced with one or more of the following problems.  ISM can help you get the most from your websites.


  • Websites that no longer get a significant number of hits.
  • Content that no longer represents your company well.
  • Missing features your customers or vendors are requesting,
  • Needs to upgrade your site standards to allow third party interfaces or interaction.
  • Interest in new website features but limited skills and resources to implement them.  
    • For example:
      • visitor profiling for sales and marketing, 
      • flash movies for impact,
      • additional security features,
      • dynamic features that build return visits,
      • improved overall look and feel for a better overall initial impact


We are developers concentrating on Internet technologies and tools for website development. We have the educational background and experience to understand a wide range of business types.  We can work with you to express your offerings effectively on your websites.


We work with all sizes and types of companies.

ISM is experienced in the building blocks of websites: WML, HTML, XHTML, WMLScript, JavaScript, PERL, PHP, and related development environments. You are assured of a cost-effective, well-designed site.

ISM can develop a new site for your company.  We can upgrade and support your existing sites.  We can act as your advisor or consultant on your own development projects.   If you need sites for the explosive Mobile Computing market, visit our sister company


Look at our Templates page for some designs that may be appropriate for you.  If templates can be used the project may be more cost-effective.  We can customize the templates shown or develop a new template for your company, as well.


Contact us today to create an estimate of your new Sites.  Include your contact information and a brief description of what you need.


Enjoy your visit.  Come back again. 


Use the webmaster link in the footer, or the Feedback page, to send us your comments and suggestions.





Xara Xtreme Pro:
Xara Xtreme Pro is the perfect choice for professional design work.  It is ideal for both print and the web.  Whether you're working with bitmap or vector graphics, with the addition of features most likely to be used by professional designers Pro is up to the task.  Major features include PSD import and export, enhanced PDF and PDF/X export, multi-page support, color separation and Pantone support, a photo levels control tool and more.   Pro can produce animations too, including animated GIF and Flash. 


For more basic needs consider Xara Xtreme, our low-cost graphics solution that includes flash support.

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